Updating typo to stable version updating asrock bios without floppy

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A separate SQL Server.offline file is also required if installing server on a system without SQL server already installed.The new offline installer has proven to work well for upgrades but there are known issues when installing on a new system.The issue was the result of leaking images while validating media sizes during startup.

Bug 10295 | The Carousel user interface now periodically checks that it can still connect to the server and will indicate to the user when it is offline or the Carousel server cannot be reached.Carousel will now remember the last zone a user was working on and direct the user to that zone when logging in.Bug 10246 | Fixed an issue where the uploader for seamless backgrounds would display the current zone's dimensions instead of the channel's dimensions.Bug 10292 | Improved the experience when the installer must download some dependencies including firmware for Bright Sign players.The installer now indicates what dependencies it is downloading and provides a progress indicator.

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